​​​​​​​Courtesy of their high ceilings, their skylight and their large historical lattice windows, our two spaces on the second floor, the Prag and Bratislava rooms, provide a bright, exclusive atmosphere for your event. The Bratislava can accommodate 116 people over a floor area of 111 m². If you like, you can supplement the Prag with the approximately 50-m² Skopje anteroom, which you can use to welcome your guests personally, or use for conference breaks.

Area: 111 m²

Maximum capacity: 116

Seating: lounge seating (with customizable seating arrangements)

  • Theater (116 places)
  • Parliament (48 places)
  • Standing reception (90 places)
  • Banquet (38 places)
  • U-form (46 places)
  • Block (24 places)
  • 103-inch monitor
  • Modular tabletop microphone system