Lichthof (Indoor courtyard)


With its 990 square meters of floor area, the square indoor courtyard provides plenty of space for receptions, gala evenings or conferences accommodating up to 750 attendees. Columns inspired by late Venetian Renaissance architecture frame the interior space. They provide a transition into the gallery that surrounds the open central area.

The centerpiece of the space: a glass roof that as early as the end of the 19th century provided a bright and cheerful atmosphere in which more than 300 telegraphers did their work in natural daylight.

The innovations of the past that the space showcases so effectively will provide inspiration for your guests to develop their own far-reaching ideas for the future.

Area: 990 m²

Maximum capacity: 750

Seating, with customizable seating arrangements

  • Theater (650 places)
  • Parliament (380 places)
  • Standing reception (750 places)
  • Banquet (588 places)
  • U shape (on request)
  • Block (on request)
  • A public address system adapted to the needs of the space.