The atrium – our multi-talented space


The building's 850-m² atrium shows just how effectively historical architecture can be combined with modern elements. The combination means that the lighting installation in the glass frontage of the atrium can show itself off in every color in the spectrum. This will attract everyone's attention to your corporate image, including passers-by on the street outside.

Another element visible from outside is the large fully HD screen suspended from the ceiling. The lovingly renovated brick façade directly abutting the space is an impressive design element that provides an inspirational contrast with the modern elements in the building.  
Added to these elements are the extensible platforms on the raised stage area and an integrated sound and lighting system that you can use to create a variety of stage sets, depending on your needs.

But maybe you need a little more space? Then combine the atrium with the 990-m² indoor courtyard, which will increase your total event space from 850 to 1840 m².

Area: 490 or 850 m2

Maximum capacity: 750

Seating, with customizable seating arrangements

  • Theater (640 places)
  • Parliament (260 places)
  • Standing reception (750 places)
  • Banquet (350 places)
  • U shape (on request)
  • Block (on request)
  • 19-m2 suspended LED screen, providing full HD resolution (1920 x 1080 pixels), which can be freely positioned as required, thus giving you a wide choice of staging designs
  • Height-adjustable stage made up of 16 extensible platforms (for the widest possible range of stage configurations), with the option to add an additional stairway to provide access into the indoor courtyard space
  • High-end theatrical sound system
  • Lighting system (daylight)
  • Simultaneous translation facilities, including booths for interpreters